Syntech Systems, Inc. / FuelMaster

Company Description

Syntech Systems, Inc. is a dynamic defense and commercial engineering design and
manufacturing firm based in Tallahassee, Florida. Syntech specializes in automated fuel
management and fleet telematics with our FuelMaster product line.

Syntech has become known for its exacting standards, innovative solutions, and
commitment to producing superior products at competitive prices. We are proud of our
company's history and performance. We are responsive, customer-centered, and have maintained our high standards in an atmosphere of progressive technical growth.
Syntech's worldwide product support continues long after delivery via our Customer
Service Department through technical documentation and rapid parts availability. Our
reputation as an engineering and high-quality product development firm has earned
repeat business from our original customers and favorable national recognition.

FuelMaster was originally designed for worldwide use by the U.S. Air Force. The Air
Force's design specifications required that the system be user maintainable through the
use of modular components and remote diagnostics support over voice-grade telephone
lines. The very same design features that led to a successful Air Force program have
resulted in unparalleled success in the commercial market. We strongly encourage you
to speak with our customers, particularly those who have used other systems prior to
ours. The readily available technical support, along with our tremendous online
capabilities, is a new experience for most fuel management system users. To learn more,
please visit our website or call Kevin Buhr, Northwest Regional Manager.

Corporate Office:

100 Four Points Way | Tallahassee FL 32305



Fuel Products / Equipment

  • Automated Fueling
  • Fleet Fueling
  • Petroleum Equipment Sales and/or Service


  • Software
  • Technology